Lemmy Kilmister Statue Reveal Today!

Posted by Evie Star on August 24, 2016 at 5:40 PM

Lemmy Statue To Be Revealed At L.A.’s Rainbow Bar Today!


One of my favorite all time quotes comes from the man, the legend, Lemmy Kilmister. The quote reads, “Fuck god and fuck the devil and fuck the church too. I’m responsible for my actions. I don’t need to hide behind nothing. I did it… whatever I did.” I am not an atheist nor am I a religious person. I believe we are in fact responsible for our own actions and our choices too. Shouldn’t surprise me that Lemmy & I think a lot a like. After all, we do happen to share the same birthday, December 24th. Different years but same day none the less.


When I was asked to write an article about Lemmy Kilmister’s statue at the Rainbow Bar in Los Angeles, California where Lemmy was a regular I couldn’t resist as I too am a huge fan of both Lemmy and Motörhead. I also truly believe that local Los Angeles artist & sculptor, Travis Moore, deserves to be recognized for such a legendary creation that we all can enjoy.


According to Travis Moore, he was commissioned to create the Lemmy Kilmister statue when he reached out to Rainbow Bar owner, Mikael Maglieri, who was a longtime friend and mentor of his. Moore approached Maglieri and asked to be included in the short list of names being considered for the prestigious task of immortalizing Lemmy.


Working with Mikael Maglieri, Lemmy Kilmister’s estate and Motörhead management, Travis Moore began to sketch ideas based on a photograph taken by photographer Robert John for what will soon become a legendary creation, in the likeness & like the man himself, the Lemmy Kilmister statue. It now sits in a secret location at the Rainbow Bar, hidden in a wooden crate, before being publicly revealed at the grand unveiling Wednesday, August 24, 2016.


Artist & Sculptor, Travis Moore’s been working on the Lemmy statue project since February. At first working on his masterpiece in his studio in Hollywood, and until now has been working on it in Burbank. Moore states that this all, “The Immortalize Lemmy Project”, happened because local musician Katon De Pena who was the unofficial spokesperson for the campaign to give Lemmy Kilmister his own statue. Katon De Pena helped to raise $22,771 through a crowdfunding campaign to pay for the construction and installation of the Lemmy statue.


In celebration of the unveiling, Travis Moore and all associated parties have organized three events this week. The first event being a Motörhead tribute at the Whisky a-Go-Go's Ultimate Jam Night. The second event will be the unveiling of the statue on Wednesday, August 24, 2016 at 7 p.m. The final event will take place Thursday, August 25, 2016. Travis Moore will host an art show at the Art on Scene gallery entitled "Lemmy Kilmister: A Tribute to the Master," at 8521 West Sunset Boulevard which is less than a mile from the Rainbow Bar in Los Angeles, California.


In Travis Moore’s own words, "Lemmy was a good guy who helped a lot of people along the way, in a lot of ways.” ”He's kind of helping me out from beyond the grave." A truly legendary act of immortalization from Lemmy Kilmister & Motörhead’s biggest fan and friend, Travis Moore, and a gift to all of us who loved Lemmy too. Even if you, like myself, never had the chance to meet Lemmy, he was just the type of person who made you feel like you knew him. He was honest, kind, talented. He will always be loved & remembered and will live on in our hearts forever. Now, thanks to Travis Moore & team, we have a phenomenal statue of Lemmy too. Thank you Travis. You truly gave the world and each of us a gift that we can never repay. And an extraordinarily inventive way to keep Lemmy and all he was alive, always!


Written by:
Evie Star

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